Flash Charlie Photography


I’m Mark Buckley, also known as Flash Charlie Photography a Cotswold based Wedding and Family photographer. I’ve always had a strong creative background throughout my childhood I’ve always been involved and passionate about art, as this passion developed into a love of capturing emotions and light I naturally turned to photography. This love of photography has stayed with me ever since and taken on many guises through different forms of experimentation and settled into the style of photography you see today.


As my style is constantly evolving as I continually to experiment and develop the way I use my camera, one element alway remains a constant. The honest and unobtrusive way I look to capture the emotions and details I see around me. This element of photography I feel gives photographs a real intrinsic emotional quality and character. I’m a great lover of film photography, as I feel this medium will always be the greatest way to take photograph. Even though the film photography movement is a lot more subdued than it used to be due to the constant progress of digital photography, it still plays it’s part in capturing special moments.


Feel free to look at my Wedding and Family photography portfolio or contact me for any more information.