With all the amazing moments that happen throughout your wedding day, there sometimes arise situations that can be a source of anxiety for the bride and groom. The biggest fear for many couples is the bride and groom couples shots. These shots (in my opinion) are some of the most important shots during the wedding day, as they allow the wedding photographer to capture some of the most relaxed, intimate moments in some of the most beautiful settings. But unless you’re a professional model (and you may be!) you’re not going to be accustomed to posing in front of a professional photographer, and you may be a little nervous about how you’re going to look and feel during this very close, intimate time. This post will has been written to give you some advice and tips on how you and your partner can prepare for your couples wedding photographs, along with a few quick simple poses you can pull out the bag to ensure you get some beautiful, close, romantic wedding photographs.

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Great Cotswolds Wedding Locations

Barn Great Tythe Barn
Hotel The Rectory Hotel
Period Pittville Pump Rooms

It’s going to feel awkward

OK let’s get it out the way; to start with it’s going to feel a little awkward. For most of the couple’s shoots, it’s just the Bride, Groom, Professional Wedding Photographer and backpack full of cameras. Unless you’re used to posing in-front of a photographer you’re going to feel a little nervous. As a wedding photographer, it’s my job to get you to relax and put you at ease for the next thirty to forty minutes whilst we wander around and take some amazing photographs. The quickest way I find to put you at ease is to give you a few minutes to enjoy the peace and quiet of the secluded location, and also enjoy the fact that you’re married and for the first time enjoy some time together to reflect upon all the amazing moments that have already happened during your wedding day. Getting couples relaxed and allowing you some time to enjoy this time and start some intimate conversation usually takes your minds off the fact we are doing a photoshoot , this then takes me nicely onto my next tip…

Get In Close

So you’re both relaxed and have taken a few deep breaths to enjoy the views, take in the fact you’re now a married couple. My next tip is get in close, when I start the couple’s shoots a few wedding couples start by standing a few feet away from each other, it’s only natural, you’ve not been in this situation before! So I always instruct everyone to stand really close to each other, put your arms around each other and take this time to discuss everything that’s already happened; the last minute rush to get everything ready, the nerves of walking down the aisle, the joy of being told you’re now married! Once you start getting into conversation in the arms of husband or wife, you’ll suddenly forget that you’re being photographed and instantly relax. At this point I usually start the photography from a little further back, doing wide shots to get in the married couple and the location. This makes it easier for the couple to forget that I’m even taking the pictures.

Plan your couples location

Location, location, location is a statement which also applies to your wedding photography. Being a Cotswold and Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer affords me the privilege of having some of the most stunning indoor Cotswold venues and outdoor locations too. I always make sure we plan the couples shots in the most scenic locations we can. However, you don’t want to be taken away from your wedding party for too long, and you’re not there to go on a long country walk. But there’s usually an open field, small woodland, park or gardens, or even a bustling cityscape we can usually escape to. Having a planned location can make it a lot easier to quickly relax into your couples photoshoot. It’s just you and the photographer, no groups of people to interrupt your time together, no members of the public overlooking your time together (unless you brave the crowd – which is totally doable too!). Some of the best locations I’ve ever photographed in have been only five or ten minutes away from some of the busiest weddings and wedding venues in Gloucestershire.

Take Inspiration

I always encourage my couples to look up different couple’s photoshoots for some inspiration. Look at some of the weddings I’ve done in the past to see if there’s any photographs you thing would suit your personality and wedding style. Go on Pintrest and scroll through some different feeds to see what catches your eye. As a Professional Wedding Photographer I’m always up to try new ideas and creative ways to capture romantic photographs. Some couples have come to me with some amazing ideas that wouldn’t of been possible without some prior discussion and planning. From sparklers to bubbles, this is your wedding so don’t be afraid to suggest some ideas that you think would look good for your photoshoot. This tip comes with one caveat. No two weddings are similar, there can be many variables that can happen during a wedding that can put the best laid plans out the window. The two biggest variables are time and weather, trust your photographer if some of these variables mean that some of your pre-planned couple’s shots can’t be captured. Relax, you’re going to get lots of lovely photos ☺

Kissing is Classic

You’ve never kissed your amazing partner as many times in one day, once you’ve said ‘I do’, your day will be full of requests to kiss. No one will be requesting this more than me. Shots of you kissing each other in an amazing outdoor location will be some of the best photographs you’ll ever have. Kissing is a classic in any situation, and nothing speaks for the intimate, romantic setting of two people in love more than a kiss or embrace. Get yourself ready and prepared for this as I’ll be asking you both to kiss on plenty of occasions!

Great Tithe Barn Wedding

Touching heads is another classic

Here’s a great pose to pull out of the bag on your wedding location photoshoot, touching heads. It always looks really good, a nice romantic pose to show the closeness and intimacy between two people. It’s an easy pose to do as well, and one I always ask my wedding couples to do. All you need to do is get in really close, embrace each other and gently touch your foreheads together, or place your head on your partners chest. Instant romantic wedding photographs.

Enjoy it

My last tip and advice to any couple preparing to embark on the big wedding day. Enjoy it and don’t worry. If I’m your photographer we’ll be relaxed, settled and enjoying our time in our chosen location to get some romantic, natural wedding photographs. It’s going to be great!

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