Newborn Photography

A vintage newborn photo shoot with baby Vinnie in Cheltenham was on the cards today. Baby Vinnie is a very cute, and was pretty well behaved considering he was thrust in front of the camera. He just didn’t want to stay asleep for too long.

The photographs were taken using only natural light, this ensured there was no harsh or flashing lights to upset little Vinnie during the photo shoot.



Baby Vinnie’s Photographs

Baby Vinnie on his side

Baby Vinnie on his front

Newborn Vinnie photograph

Close up photography of baby vinnie

Close ups of Newborn Vinnie

Baby in a blue hat

Black and white picture of newborn Vinnie

Vinnies blue hat close ups

Newborn Vinnie lying on this front and side

Vinnie lying on his front in black and white

Vinnie popping his head up

Newborn baby opening his eye

Vinnie's feet with his Dads hands

Baby Vinnie's hands, vintage photography