By Mark Buckley
Wedding Photographers are a big part of the wedding day.They are in charge of capturing the story of the wedding, all the little details and the romance between the bride and groom. Even though every photographer has a different style and approach the importance of their job in creating lasting memories for everyone involved is the same. Choosing your wedding photographer can be one of the hardest parts of the planning process, and everyone approaches how they find and ultimately book their photographer differently. But to help you out in your quest for your wedding photographer I’ve put together a quick ten question list which you can use as a template for approaching any photographers that have caught your eye. This list isn’t exhaustive, and to be honest I don’t think it should be. Some photographers will be dealing with hundreds of requests a month, so this list of questions give you a good basis for you to choose the ones you want to meet up with and discuss both of your ideas further!
I’ve created two lists of questions for wedding photographers, the first list is all the questions with my professional answers and explanations below, this will hopefully give you an idea of why it’s important to ask that question and the type of response you can expect to get. The second list is just the full set of questions, which will make it easy for you to note them down.
Please feel to copy this list into any emails, letters or online chats you’re having with your potential wedding photographers, and also add to it if you think their is a certain question you need to ask for you unique wedding.
I hope it helps and good luck! Contact me if you have any wedding photography questions you want to ask.

Wedding Photographer Questions with Answers


    1. What is your approach to wedding photography?
      This a good first question to ask, every photographer has a certain style of photographing weddings and events, it’s important that the photographer you choose fits with the style you want to achieve for the big day.
      I have a very considered and unobtrusive approach to wedding photography. There is so much going on throughout the day, I like to watch and capture it as it starts to unravel. Observing weddings in this manner means I don’t do lots of posed shots. The guests and your family are there to celebrate the occasion, not to be ordered around and told where to stand, this makes my photography a lot more honest and relaxed. There are certain times of the day where posed shots are necessary (such as when I’m doing film photography and group shots), but I try to keep them to a minimum and capture the true emotion and elation of the day.

    3. What equipment do you use?
      Every photographer uses different equipment, from Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Pentax and beyond. While I’m not a great believer that having the most expensive camera makes you the best photographer, it’s good to know that your photographer will be carrying professional equipment and what to expect.
      I have a mix of professional Nikon cameras and lenses (digital and film), as well as a portable Nikon Speed-lighting system, Sekonic off camera light meters and professional memory cards, plus a camera bag full of accessories. All this equipment allows me to capture weddings in my distinct style of photography, while also ensuring I have enough back-up in case anything goes wrong or if the weather means we have to change how we wanted to do specific photographs.

    5. Is their a restriction on how many photographs you’ll take?
      Some photographers will only give you a certain amount of images which is in the wedding contract, while others will only shoot for a certain period of time. It’s good to get an understanding for you to properly plan your wedding.
      Their is no restriction on the number of photographs I will provide from you wedding, I will keep photographing until their is nothing left to capture, all the images will then be processed and edited and I will deliver as many of the best photographs I see fit. Usually this is around 300-500 depending on lots of different factors, but mainly because I only want to provide the very best photographs from the day.

    7. Are you open to suggestions for wedding photographs?
      You may find some photographers are very set in the way they approach and take wedding photographs, others are open to different ideas. Also bear in mind that some shots won’t be possible so make sure you talk it through with them.
      I’m always open to different ideas for wedding photographs or ideas for shots. I encourage my brides to share any ideas they have with me on Pinterest or email any inspirational pictures over to me before the day. Some shots won’t work on the day, this is mainly due to changes in weather affecting light, or your timescales on the day changing,  but let’s openly discuss any new ideas!

    9. How long after the wedding do you deliver the photographs?
      Every photographer has different timescales for delivering your photographs, make sure you know what they are so you know when to expect them!
      I will deliver your wedding photographs on a unique USB stick two week after you wedding. Sometimes they are ready earlier but most couples go on honeymoon for two weeks straight after the wedding and I like to have them ready for when they arrive back home so they can relive their memories from the day.

    11. Who has copyright over my wedding photographs?
      This can be a very tricky area as copyright can differ from each photographer. You need to know what the copyright will state in the wedding contract as some photographers won’t let you copy or print the images without prior consent.
      I give full sharing, copying and printing rights to the couple, this means you can copy, print and share on social media as much as you want. They’re your memories, and photography was invented to share so why would I stop you. In terms of copyright I will own the images and their intellectual property, this is to protect me from anyone trying to use them for commercial gain, which doesn’t affect personal use at all.

    13. Are you fully insured?
      Another good question that not all soon to be married couples think about. Full indemnity and professional insurance protects your guests if anything should happen as well as protecting you, the venue and photographer. It’s a must for all professional photographers.
      I have full professional insurance, full indemnity insurance and all of my equipment (including my car!) is fully insured.

    15. What happens if you fall ill and can’t photograph my wedding?
      Just in case the worst happens to your photographer, you need to know what measures they have put in place to save you from any last minute panic or even worse, no photographer at all.
      In the unlikely event (*touch wood*) that I should fall severely ill or incapacitated on the day of your wedding I have several back-up wedding photographers who will have all the details about your day and will be ready to take over and photograph your wedding as previously agreed.

    17. Who are your back-up wedding photographers?
      It’s good to know they’ve got back-up photographers in place, but it’s even better to see what their style is and get an idea of who your ideal back-up would be. As their preferred back-up choice might not suit your wedding style.
      Just before we are about to sign the wedding contracts and start the pre-planning I’ll show you a list of all my back-up photographers. I’ll then ask for you to give me three or five of your preferred choices. This will ensure complete cover and gives you peace of mind that they will be right for you. If a back-up photographer is used all costs will be same as agreed on the wedding contract.

    19. How many other weddings will you shoot on the day?
      You may be surprised to find your photographer will be shooting two weddings in one day. Though this is rare unless you have only booked a photographer for a few hours it’s good to just double check.
      As I like to have one simple wedding photography package I will only be shooting your wedding on the agreed date. That also means I will only be planning for your wedding on that date as well, making sure that everything is ready for me to capture every important memory and detail!


Wedding Photographer Questions

  1. What is your approach to wedding photography?
  2. What equipment do you use?
  3. Is their a restriction on how many photographs you’ll take?
  4. Are you open to suggestions for wedding photographs?
  5. How long after the wedding do you deliver the photographs?
  6. Who has copyright over my wedding photographs?
  7. Are you fully insured?
  8. What happens if you fall ill and can’t photograph my wedding?
  9. Who are you back-up wedding photographers?
  10. How many other weddings will you shoot on the day?